How Am I Breaking The Mold?

In Society, there is a mold that everyone no matter who you are most fit into if you want to fit in. However, I do not fit in that mold.

Ever since I was a kid in Elementry School I never really did fit in. I was often described as older for my age. The friends I had at the beginning of my time in Elementry slowly drifted away from me as they started hanging out with troublemakers. I was often found alone sitting high up looking out into the sky. I knew I was different and I acted like I was.

At age 10 I got the opportunity to work in an acting agency now called Seattle Talent. I learned in acting workshops and had stared in movies and even as a model on the New Day show. I learned that it is ok to be rejected when I was applying to get sponsored by acting agencies looking for their next star. Once I hit High School I grew out of acting wanting to find work that was better fitting for me and to focus on my studies.

When I reached my 16th year of life my family had started talking about enrolling me into Running Start so I can get a head start on college. At first, I was excited to try something new but was quickly disappointed as I saw that it was no different from sitting in a High School classroom. College to me was a pointless waste of time and energy for me. I was determined to find something better for myself.

I realized that at my age and level of experience no company was going to hire me. So as a workaround I did the one thing I knew how to do very well; yard work. I started a company called the YardBoys to start gaining experience and make an income for myself. I even hired out work to my fellow students.

Now I begin the next chapter of my life. I am now 18 years of age and I will soon begin working through the Praxis Apprenticeship Program instead of sitting in a college classroom as many of my old classmates will be doing. I look forward to the challenges I will be facing and the friends I will be making.

So how do you break the mold? Is it by taking a path less traveled? Or by realizing that you can do so much more and acting on it. For me, It was noticing that high school and college were not enough and that if I wanted to make something for myself then I would need to start as soon as I could.

So ask your self how are you breaking the Mold?

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