Top 5 Traits To Improve Upon

How does one improve the world around themselves? By starting with themselves first. There are always ways to improve because there is no perfect model for us.
Here are my top 5 character traits I want to improve upon.


Being creative does not mean you need to create the next masterpiece of art. It can be as simple as taking a different path that is rarely traveled. For me, I want to come up with new ideas for videos that puts my YouTube Channel on the map.


Chrasima is a must for leaders and anyone who wishes to be employed. Practicing charisma can be as easy as just chatting with random people at the store when you’re waiting in line or sitting at the bus stop like Forest Gump. For myself, I want to be interesting socially when I doing recordings, live streams, or in everyday conversations.


Knowledge is power but Wisdom is a skeleton key. This trait is probably the most important as it lets you learn from your experiences and apply the knowledge to better solve problems. If I am to better myself I think moving out will be my best opportunity to try new things, meet people, and learn from my mistakes.


Being able to take care and provide for yourself or your family. Being able to get the job done on your own without worrying that someone else is failing to do their part. I want to better myself so that I can live the life that I want and be able to get there through my own work.


For many people, it is the fear of speaking to groups of people and spiders. For me, it is asking people for help and putting out my work to the world. I have always been reluctant to ask for help on projects. Mainly it was my lack of confidence that I am working on something worth my time and energy. However, it was also my lack of trust in folks that they could really help. So I need to be more willing to trust in their advice and put out my work more for review and suggestions.

What traits are you trying to improve?

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