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The first month of Praxis is coming to a close, and it is time to get ready for the second stage. So for month two of the program, I will be working on a project to expand my skills and show off to the world what I can do.

Praxis has sent me a few different subjects to bring more focus to my project.


Technical and Operations were the first ones marked off the list for me. That left me with Marketing and Sales. After looking at them closely, I decided to focus more on Marketing but have a mix between the two because they are so intimately involved with each other.

Now that I have my focus it is time to see what skills or traits I want to show off in my project.


With the skills and traits in mind, I have come up with a few ideas for my project.

#1 The Egg Salesmen
I can create an ad that results in more sales of eggs and other products from the family farm. At the end of the month, I would have to have sold at $100 worth of goods.

#2 Operation YouTube
Build up a YouTube channel doing reviews on products or provide entertaining content to viewers.

#3 For Charity
Run a charity stream through Twitch for a month that nets $100 worth of donations.

#4 Website Builder
Build a landing page for a business’s product or service and make a recording share my thoughts on the design and layout of the page.

#5 The Vending Machine
The plan would be to set up a vending machine at my local mall and convince local businesses to pay rent to put their product in my vending machine. Alongside their products, I can put in notes explaining who provided the purchased product and where to find the store. These notes can also say that the buyer has won a prize and can redeem it at the seller’s store. This marketing can provide a way for the stores to check back and see if this is working for them further encouraging them to keep renting out space in the machine.

I look forward to next month and getting started on my project.

I will be making another post soon with the details of my project.

Until then have an awesome day!

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