This December is the season of giving and I want to give back to my community.

The Plan

This month I will be doing live streams on my Twitch channel collecting donations for the Boy Scouts of America.

The goal for this month is to raise $100 in donations and if I reach my main goal before the month is out then I will double it to $200.

I will be taking the best bits from the stream and turn them into a video for my channel at the end of the month.

I shall be posting ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord to spread the word about the charity streams.

Every week I will post a blog post reviewing the streams for that week.

Streams will be starting December 1st every day except Wednesday at 4:30pm  until 7pm PST. This means I will be doing six streams a week for almost three hours a stream.

The Results So Far

Now that Week One has come and gone let’s take a look at what was accomplished and what could be improved upon.


Twitch Streams

I streamed for five days out of the goal of six days.

The total time I spent streaming was 15 hours and 43 minutes.

Out of those five days of streaming, I raised $80 out of the $100 goal.

Looking at this week of streaming I could not be happier. I have almost reached my goal of $100 within one week! However, there is still room for improvement. For next week I need to make sure I do the full six days of streaming. If I had done that sixth day in Week One I could have already have reached my goal of $100.

Social Media Ads



Facebook posts reached a total of 2601 people and 373 engagements. For example, engagements are likes, comments, shares, and clicks made on the post.

The Facebook post with the highest reach had 2184 people looking at the post and 252 engagements with the post.



Twitter posts had reached a total of 256 people and 3 engagements with viewers.



Now Discord does not offer any tracking features for posts so knowing who is reached and how many is a mystery. However, because of my posting on Discord, I have created one regular viewer who has donated $15 to the stream.


Now looking at the social media data I can safely say that different social media sites are better for different uses. 

Facebook is probably the best site to use if I want to reach more people. 

While Twitter is better for giving thanks and staying in contact with my fellow streamers who support my channel by sending their viewership my way or offering advice.

Discord is better used for informing my community that my stream is live. 

All In All

Week One has gone by very well! I am already at $80 out of $100 on the donation goal. I have collaborated with one of my fellow streamers who has not only donated but has encouraged his viewers to support the fundraising. Not only that but I have gained a regular viewer which is a big step in getting a Twitch channel growing. I have also had guests from my Boy Scout Troop 555 joined the stream cracking jokes and sharing stories from their experiences in the Boy Scouts.

If you would like to check out the channel then click this link.

Or if you would like to support the stream and donate to the Boy Scouts of America then click this link.




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