Streaming For Charity Week 2 Review

Two weeks have come and gone, and a lot has happened since I started my project at the beginning of December.

The Results So Far 

Right at the end of week two, I acquired my goal of collecting $100 in donations for the Boy Scouts of America through Twitch. I had a blast with my audience and with my friends who came out on the weekends to join the show and talk about their Scouting experience. I have even gotten some new merchandise designs being made to celebrate the achvement Now that I have reached that $100 milestone I feel as though I can be doing more than just playing video games and asking people to donate.

The New Deal

I have decided to organize a charity event on Twitch with seven other creators who have a following of at least one thousand. I am calling the event Streaming For Charity 2018. My goal is that within six hours we will raise $5,000 for the Boy Scouts of America. That’s right $5,000 in only six hours. 
The event itself will be on Friday, December, 28th at 2 pm PST. This will give me time to organize the event plans, invite creators, and set up how donations will be handled.

What Will Week 3 Look like? 

I will be sending out at least 20 emails almost every day until I can get seven creators to join the event. Emails have already been sent out, and creators like Wild4Gaming have already started showing interest in participating in the charity. 

All In Alll

These next two weeks are going to be tough, but I am excited to take on this challenge and hopefully reach that $5,000 goal with the help of seven truly remarkable creators.

The final draft of the new design for my merch store.
Thank you Colleen for helping out and making it!

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