30 Day Blog Challenge

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you made the most of 2018 and are already setting your goals for 2019. As for myself, I have one goal in mind that I want to share with you and that is the 30 Day Blog Challenge.


What Is The 30 Day Blog Challenge?

The Challenge is to write a blog post every day for 30 days on any subject that I find interesting and wish to share. This challenge is designed to help me improve my writing skills and put me into the habit of writing a post every day. I already have a few ideas for posts on a list so far. I will be pulling from my time in the Boy Scouts and life on the farm. Plus I will be choosing a few third-party publications to submit some of my blog posts to be shared with a broader audience.

What Challenges Will I Face?

1) Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block is any Beginning Writers worst enemy it is best defined as resistance to writing. Often times it is a mixture of issues that tell a person no they should not put their ideas onto paper and share it with the world otherwise. As for myself, I had this problem occur a lot throughout my time in school. My main problem was that I was writing something that I had no real value in besides “I need to have good grades.” However, now that I am free to write as I see fit and about anything that holds my interest. Writer’s Block will be a thing of the past. To double down on this, I have already started making a list of ideas for blog posts.

2) Scheduling

On top of my other responsibilities, I will have to make sure I have time set aside for writing every day.  Just getting into the groove of writing daily will help me remember to prepare a blog post. I have also sent up reminders on my computer and cell phone so that I do not forget to write for the day.



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