Chicken Powered Lawn Mower

So here is a little idea I have been toying around with my family. A chicken-powered lawn mower. If you have not read my other post on raising chickens then make sure to check them out!

In An Eggshell

The chicken lawn mower is a very simple idea. If you remember the chick coops from my last post then you will have a good idea of what I am talking about. You take a crate flip it upside down, attach some wheels, and replace some of the walls with chicken wire and you have yourself a mobile chicken coop. For this mobile coop, you are going to want to put a roof over part of it to provide protection during hot days or rain showers. Water feeders should also be installed on the side of the coop. Below is a good example of what I am describing.

chicken mower

Now with this chicken mower, you can place your birds anywhere and have them cut your grass for you without fear of predators. You can build this any which way you want so long as it has no bottom, covered from the weather, enclosed, wheels, and a water feeder. You could even turn the coop into an RC car with a motor on top so you don’t have to push the coop around when it is time to change feeding spots!


  • Protection from predators
  • Prevents birds from wandering off
  • Save money on gas for the lawnmower
  • Provides food for chickens
  • Fertilizes the area with chicken poop
  • More variety in a chicken’s diet results in a healthier and happier bird!


  • Not a permanent shelter
  • The area is too small to support a large number of birds.
  • Needs to be moved every so often otherwise the feeding spot will be turned into a dirt patch

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