I Reached Affiliate! Now What?

On January 7 after I finished up that day’s stream, I was double checking my states to see how well the broadcast went. Suddenly I get an email notification from Twitch and my jaw drops. It is an invitation to Twitch’s Affiliate Program.

On February 2nd I started my first stream, and I began my journey to reaching Affiliate. Almost one year later I have accomplished my goal of achieving Affiliate, and I find myself thinking “well what now?”

affliate (2)

Twitch Affiliate

If you have not read my other posts on Twitch, Affiliate allows me to start making an income mainly through donations from my viewers. This is done by Subs and Bits.


  • Subscriptions are donations from the view to the broadcaster after taxes of course. There are three tiers. Tier 1 costs $5, Tier 2 is $10, and Tier 3 is $25.
  • Twitch takes up to %50 of Subscription revenue. For every $5 Sub, the streamer would get $2.5 and so forth.
  • Subs let viewers skip ads on their favorite broadcaster and get right into the stream.
  • Streamers can create special emotes for their subscribers to use in any stream chat. This is a fun way to advertise your channel as your subscribers will be happy to show off your emotes.
  • You can give subscribers access to special commands in your chat to use during your stream. For example, in my channel, I plan to give my subscribers the ability to use different sound effects to hype up tense or funny situations that may be happening on stream.


  • Bits donations are 1 cent per Bit.
  • Viewers can use Bits to Cheer in the chat with special emotes.
  • Viewers can earn badges to show off for their Bits donations.
  • Bits are a fun way for viewers to tip their favorite streamers.



I Got Affiliate! Now What?

This is where the real work begins however do not worry your viewers are there to lend you a hand. By reaching Affiliate, you have shown that you have put forth the effort to overcome Twitch’s challenges of streaming for more than 8 hours on 7 different days, reach 50 followers and have an average of 3 viewers all within 30 days. Your reward is the ability to monetize your channel and continue to grow your community.

For me, this means I need to start creating my own custom Sub emotes, Sub commands, tinkering with my chatbots, and continue to have fun with my community. I am going to be saving up what I earn from Twitch for my first move into my own place. Here is to another great year!

If you are interested in becoming a streamer make sure to check out my other posts on Twitch

Make sure to check out Wild4Games’ video on the subject below!




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