Top 3 Places To Visit In Puyallup Washington

Welcome to Puyallup Washington! My home sweet home where I grew up. Let me show you around!

Washington State Fair

In Puyallup, we have the nations largest fair that offers a little bit of everything. The Fair is open from August 31 until September 23.

There are rides for both kids and adults alike. Sillyvile offers a variety of rides for younger children, and if you are a thrill seeker; then you should check out the Extreme Scream. The Extreme Scream puts riders 20 stories into the air and then plummets them down at 3-Gs! Differently, a ride not for the faint of heart!extremescream

For food, I would recommend trying an Elephant Ear and Scones. Scones are jelly filled biscuits, and the Elephant Ears are fried bread with cinnamon. Just make sure not to share your food with the barnyard animals!Scone.jpg

My favorite thing to do during the Fair is to check out the vendors all around the grounds. From food to clothes there is something for everyone! I always look for new sauces and spices to try in my recipes.

Puyallup Farmers’ Market

During the weekends from April 20th to Oct 12th, you can visit the Puyallup Farmers Market. At the market, you can find fresh produce from local farms, food trucks, artworks, and products from small businesses in Puyallup.


Alongside the vendors, you can sit back and enjoy music from local bands while the kids run around on the playground or waterpark.

South Hill Mall

Open every day at 10am until 9pm for all of your shopping needs is the South Hill Mall. The mall offers a food court, clothing stores including JcPenny and Macys, cell phone services, massages, movie theater, and even a console arcade.

However, my favorite place to hang out every Friday nights would have to be the small board game shop called game ON! game ON! hosts events in the back room every day. From D&D, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and Magic The Gathering.

game on

If your a nerd like myself then this is the place to meet with friends for a few games of Magic. The best part is that nearly every event is free to join and the community is always happy to teach new players the rules of the duel.


In fact game ON! is hosting a special pizza party for its Magic The Gathering community. On Friday the 18th players will get to open up the latest set of Magic cards and eat pizza. It costs $25 to join the Prerelease party and starts at 9pm until after midnight. This is a great time for new players to join in and try out some new cards!


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