Magic The Gathering: Learning The Basics

What Is Magic The Gathering?

Magic or MTG is a card game set in a universe of powerful wizards called planeswalkers. MTG offers players both online and paper versions to play with. Magic has millions of players worldwide and is a great way to make new friends!

How Do I Play?

To win a duel, you need to force your opponent’s life total to zero. You can do this with a carefully made deck of lands, creatures, sorceries, and instants. Whether you choose to go with a one color deck out of the five colors or a mixture of the five, then you will want to know what you need to beat your foe!


Lands are your deck’s energy source. They let you cast spells. The more lands you have on the field, the more powerful your spells can become!

mtg lands


Creatures are what you use to attack your opponents and protect your precious life points! Some creatures come with special abilities when they attack or come onto the field. My favorite would have to be lifelink which lets your creature steal life from your foe and add it to your life points!

MTG Creature.png


Sorceries are spells that can give you a boost by giving you more cards, life, or by dealing damage to your enemy’s creatures but they can only be cast during your turn.



Instants are just like sorceries, but they can be cast at any time to give your creature that bit of edge to win the fight.

MTG Instant.jpg

You can practice building a deck and finding a playstyle that you like by trying out Magic The Gathering Online. It is free to play and is a great way to get used to playing before you go out for the weekly tournaments in your area and test your skill against other players.

MTG Beta.jpg


Where Can I Go To Meet Other Players?

You can find places that host weekly Magic tournaments. For example, card shops are the best place to look to find Magic events. My personal favorite is Friday Night where you can play cards from the most recent sets. If you do not know of any shops where you can play then you can check the MTG Locator link below to find out where you can meet for a few rounds of Magic!
MTG Stores.jpg

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