Poker Face

To win in the card game Poker, you need to have on your Poker Face at all times.

What Is A Poker Face?

In Poker changes in your facial expressions can give your opponents clues on what cards are in your hand.  Got a giant grin on your face because you just pulled the winning hand? Well, that smile just told everyone to stop betting on their hand. The opposite can be said if you have a frown or the look of defeat on your face. However, the Poker Face is not only about your facial expressions but includes your body language as well. Say you are unhappy with your cards and you start tapping the table with your figure. You have just broadcasted that you are uncertain with your cards and can be seen as a weakness to be taken advantage of.

In Poker you need to become the Stoneman and show no emotions. This will keep your foes guessing about your next move. The Yogscast held a Poker Tournament for their yearly charity live streams, and I have posted it down below. Take a look at the players’ faces and see how they react to their cards.

Using Your Poker Face Away From The Table

The Poker Face is a great skill not only to use in card games but also when you are trying to convince a client to buy your product. Watch their reactions are they looking around, frowning and yawning? Then you have a client who is not interested. However, if they are looking at you and are actively asking questions, then you may have yourself a sell.

In job interviews, your body language can hinder or improve your chances of being hired. Being straight up in your chair with a forward tilt can give the impression that you are confident and are interested in what the interviewer has to say. While leaning back into your chair can give off an impression of laziness or lack of interest.

Remember put your best foot forward because your Poker Face will impact your first impression and can significantly improve your relations with people. 

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