Idea Of The Day: A Better Version Of Steam

What is one thing PC gamers hate about buying online games? Having to download different launchers for all of their favorite games. For example Steam, Battle Net, and Epic Games. 

What Do Game Launchers Provide?

Game launchers offer users a place to buy all kinds of different online games from their favorite game studios. Users can also provide feedback on games to the developers and give advice to people interested in a particular game on whether or not to buy. Plus launchers like Steam offer limited-time deals on games for its users.


However, not all games are on every launcher. For example, Bethesda the maker of the popular Fallout series made its own private launcher for their latest game Fallout 76. One of the main reasons Bethesda choose to do this was to save money on their game sells. Most launchers take a portion of the game sells in exchange for using their platform. Steam takes 30% from game sales leaving developers with 70%.

How Can We Reduce The Number Of Launchers?

My recommendation would be to set up a platform similar to Steam, but it connects to every single launcher available. If a user wants to play Fallout 76 that is only accessible from the Bethesda Launcher the platform would act as a door to that launcher. In a nutshell, a user can look for a game on multiple platforms and find the best deal while only having to install one launcher. This would allow for more space on the user’s computer and provide more ease of access to different games. Users would still be able to write feedback and send it to every launcher that has a feedback system. Helping users everywhere get a better idea for the game that they are interested in.

How Will This Platform Make Money?

The first option would be to have a membership service on the platform. The free features would still be the one launcher for all games. The membership could include monthly free games or special deals available to members only. The higher the membership level, the higher the cost of being a member.


Another way to go about this would be to offer developers a better deal than other launchers. Instead of the 30% cut, I would recommend putting it at 15%, but the developer has to let the game be discounted or free for the monthly members’ rewards.

Both options are valid, and as a bonus, the platform would not be putting any other launcher out of business. That is because the platform would be acting as a window to the other launchers and still directs buyers to those launchers.


What do you think? Write your thoughts in the comments section below!

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