A Different Approach To Education

“So how does knowing this help me get a job?” Going through high school and my first two years of college I saw my professors asked this question nearly every session of class. Everyone seemed uncertain that what they were learning in the classroom was worth anything outside the classroom. 

What Does Today’s Education Teach Our Youth?

The education system of American has hardly changed since you and I have been in the classroom. Schools have been made more advanced in recent years with new subjects and tools for students to take on. However, the style of teaching has remained the same. Students are trained to become good employees who follow orders, stays in line and does not stand out from the crowd.  However, our world is changing. We are no longer in need of just good employees who complete what is asked of them. Society needs people who are willing to take risks and stand out in the crowd as leaders of new industries. We need entrepreneurs.Classroom.jpg

How Can We Produce More Entrepreneurs?

In the classroom, you sit down, do as your told, study for the tests, and you will do fine. But what if we go a different direction? Instead of studying for a science test why don’t we go out and make science happen.

For example, a group of around ten students and two mentors start up their own garden from the ground up. Students learn how to build planters, grow crops, identify different bug and plants that are good or bad to for the garden. Each person would be in charge of their own section of crops they would have to plant, weed, water, and harvest. The mentors are there to provide an example and offer advice to students. However, it is up to the students to learn what works and what does not from their own hands. At the end of the harvest, students would be tasked with selling their produce at a local farmer’s market. Those who do well and sell their crops will get to keep their earnings. However, those who did not do so well will be learning the hard way that their methods may not be the correct path to success. The point is to teach these young teens how to be self-sufficient, work together to tackle problems, and take pride in their work. These young adults would see first hand how science, economics, math, reading, and writing applies in the real world and how to make a living for themselves with their newfound knowledge.

kids gardening

Now the project does not have to be gardening specifically. Welding, woodcraft, cooking, and anything that produces a good or service could be taught by mentors. The mentors can be exports, volunteers, and even the parents themselves. For those who have kids in the program and have knowledge in a desirable skill can be offered to have their child’s tuition cut in half in exchange for mentoring a team of five to ten students.

deny money

American’s school system needs to change. The youth of Ameican will need to be more self-sufficient and become the next wave of entrepreneurs. I started my first business at sixteen so why can’t my children build their first successful business at sixteen?


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