My Eagle Scout Project: Cleaning Up and Repurposing Ruined Stables

In the Boy Scouts, the highest rank that a Scout can achieve is Eagle. Only 4% overcome the challenges and become an Eagle Scout.

To Become An Eagle Scout

For a Scout to reach the rank of Eagle he or she must

  • Earn a total of 21 merit badges that include at least 14 Eagle merit badges.
  • Actively serve in a leadership position in their troop for 16 months.
  • Organize and carry out a volunteer event that benefits the community.

eagle scout.jpg

The Eagle Scout Project

Out of all the challeges, a Scout must overcome this would have to be the hardest. An Eagle Scout Project has to be a volunteer event that benefits the community.

In my troop, there were projects to make blankets for the homeless, improving the staircase to a local church, and making improvements to the local Grange where we held our meetings.

Waller Road Stable Pics 017.JPG

For my Eagle Project, I chose to clean up the old stables at my local Grange which is shown above and turn it into a beautiful venue for the community to use for outdoor events. I planned to take out the ruined stables leaving the roofing and cut down the weeds growing in the area. Then we were to construct three picnic tables and place a layer of woodchips down as a ground cover. The cleaning was done by my troop, volunteers, and myself. I got cash donations for materials from local businesses. The work itself went smoothly. However, there were delays on when we could work due to the lack of available manpower. The project took about a year to complete.


For those of you who are waiting until the last minute to work on your project. Don’t do that. There will be delays, and even the best-laid plans can still go wrong. My project took a year because I did not have enough volunteers for the scheduled work days.

The Benefits of Achieving Eagle

Besides the feeling of accomplishment and pride, you will have when you receive your new rank. There are a few rewards society gives to Eagle Scouts for their work and commitment to their community.

  • When it comes to college being an Eagle Scout can make you eligible for scholarships and because the BSA is such a well-known organization. Higher colleges are more willing to accept you into their programs.
  • Employers are more willing to hire new employees who have Eagle Scout on their resume. That is because as an Eagle Scout you are a leader in your community and you can get the job done.
  • For those of who are thinking of enlisting in the armed forces. Eagle Scouts have the option to enter the U.S. Military with a higher rank and pay.

scouts in army

Becoming an Eagle Scout is both a great honor and a great responsibly. By acquiring the rank of Eagle, you have shown that you are a leader of your community and you are expected to act as a role model for others. Remember to do a good turn daily and always be prepared. You don’t become an Eagle Scout for the benefits. You earn the rank because you live by the Scout Law. 

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