I wrote and published content for 30 days in a row

At the start of this month, I took on a 30 Day Challenge to write a blog post every, day. After 30 days I have not missed a single day of writing.

What did you learn this month?

This month I learned to cut out excess words. My writing now is much shorter and gets straight to the point.

I learned to think creatively on a daily basis to come up with new ideas to write about.

What were the biggest challenges, and how did they push you to grow?

After the first two weeks, I had trouble coming up with new ideas to write about. I had decided at the start of the challenge that I would try to write self-help posts. To overcome my lack of inspiration, I would go out and walk around my farm. Often times I would observe something that would spark an idea. For example, after feeding my chickens, I started thinking about the different types of snacks my flock enjoys. That was how I came up with the post “Sweet Treats For Your Chicken Flock.”

Why do you think you’re more employable now that you’ve completed this challenge?

By completing this challenge I have shown that once I start a project
I will finish it and find weaknesses in my work to make improvements for next time.

I now have a blog with over 30 posts showing off my skills as a writer and my ability to generate new ideas for posts.

What Is Next?


This next month I am going to be focusing on making changes to my website. I want to make my landing page more impressive for first-time visitors. I am not a tech-savvy person. By doing this, I hope to learn how to make a more visually pleasing website.


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