Five Common Fallacies

Today in my video I went over five different fallacies people use in arguments. 


Ad Hominem

Ad Hominem

Name calling in a sense. Attack your foe’s reputation in order to dismiss their claims. Often used when the other side is angry.

Countered by calming down the other person. Any other attempts of reason will be lost to the other person.

Circular Reasoning

Circular Reason

An argument that uses its conclusion as the premise.

Countered by demanding more evidence.

Red Herring

Red herring

A smokescreen used to distract you from the main argument.

Countered by staying focused on the main argument.

Slippery Slope


By allowing A then B will happen and something really bad will happen if we give any ground to A.

Point out that we have the means and choice to exercise restraint on the conditions considered.

Straw Man

Straw Man

Saying that the opposing view agrees with another unrelated idea that is easier to attack than the main idea.

One way to counter this is to say that A is not necessarily coherent with B.

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