What Is The Right Job For You?

As kids, we are all asked the question “What are you going to be when you grow up?” Just like other kids, my answers changed as I got older. “I wanna be a Fireman! I wanna be an Actor!” 

It is advisable to plan for the future, but it is never a good idea to stick %100 into a job that may not be even around when you’re ready to enter the workforce. Otherwise, you could miss out on opportunities that could put you in a better position then what you originally planned for.


So what do you do?

For me, I am interested in starting a career Marketing. So for the past week, I connected with 30 different Marketers on Linkedin and asked them questions to learn more about the industry.

I asked Marketers:

In your Marketing role do you tend to have an organized environment or is it more chaotic?

Do you tend to work with a lot of different people?

What do you like or dislike about your position?

What I learned

  1. In your Marketing role do you tend to have an organized environment or is it more chaotic?

I had five responders. The answers pointed out that Marketing is more of a form of organized chaos. It all depends on how many people you are working with and if those coworkers are organized individuals. At times even with an established system, things can still go a bit crazy. Being able to pay attention to detail and adaptable is a must in Marketing.

Good thing I seem to be on the right track so far!

 2. Do you tend to work with a lot of different people?

I had three responders this time. For the most part, marketing is a lonely job as you would be working by yourself. Now you still need to communicate with your employer and key coworkers. Marketing lets you have the option to work from home or in an office. One person told me that Slack was a big part of their commutation network.

In my Praxis Bootcamp, I have been learning how to use Slack to communicate with my advisors and fellow participates. It is simple and easy to use.

    3. What do you like or dislike about your position?

Four responders on this one. Being creative and learning new things were the top answers here. Marketing is a process of trial and error. You have to make sure you can figure out what is working in your strategy and find parts that are not working so they can be corrected. The whole process takes time and does not always produce immediate results. Marketing is such a diverse field that once you find your niche and focus on it, you can turn that into a career. 

“I also love learning new things and in marketing, it’s nothing but new things. Whether it’s design, video, podcasting, blogging, it all builds on top of each other and can yield results if done well.” -Chaz Stead

“I love being able to be creative! Crafting a marketing strategy that works is a challenge that I truly enjoy.” -Madison Hull

Will I Pursue A Marketing Role?

The answer to that question would have to be a yes. From my two years of running a small lawn care company, I have always been interested in the Marketing side of it. After my interviews, I think that gaining a role in Marketing is going to be my next goal.

Marketing can be a bit chaotic at times, but it usually is an organized process of finding out what works and what does not. I will have the opportunity to learn new skills through trial and error. I will be working more on my only but I could still be apart of a team to find viable solutions for my employer or clients.

What Can You Take Away From This?

If you are like me and are curious about a career and are not sure if it is for you. Ask people who are working in the industry. Remember their time is very valuable. Stick to asking three questions. Keep your questions short and to the point. Just avoid questions that result in yes or no answers. After your interview always thank them for their time. Who knows you could end up working for them at some point!

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