The Online Job Hunt

Last week I made a post on how to figure out which industry you should focus a career on. But now what? Most likely you do not live within driving distance of your favorite companies, so it is time to start looking online for job openings.

This week I started looking for job openings on hiring websites like Indeed, Simplyhired, and Linkeden.

The first thing you need to know when you are looking for a job is to start with very open titles. In my hunt for marketing roles, I searched Marketing Associate and found thousands of positions.

Since I am new to the field of Marketing, I started to thin down my search to entry level roles. Once you get to this point, it is really just a matter of finding a company you think is exciting and applying! Just make sure not to go too specific with your searches; otherwise, you won’t find any suitable openings.

Looking for work

While you are doing your job hunt make sure to keep a list of keywords you use. Ask yourself what keywords produced more roles to your liking?

Looking at the job details what are some common themes among these roles?

For me, I focused in on companies that were looking for people with the drive, creativity, willing to learn, and take on new challenges to better the company.

Once you find an opening you are interested in the only thing you need to do is apply!

Next week I will make a post on how you can stand out among everyone else and get that first interview.

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