Why Should You Blog?

When I first started up this blog I had only one intention behind it. To improve my written communication through regularly uploaded posts onto my website. However, practicing one’s writing is not the only perk of blogging.


Blogging Lets You Learn Out Loud.

Now what I mean by this is by writing down your thoughts or ideas onto the big wide web you allow it to be shared with everyone. Do you find something interesting and want to learn more about it? Blog about it. Show off what you know about the topic and what you are learning. This will help you to better understand the subject so that you can explain it to someone who may be unfamiliar with the topic. By doing this, you build up a reputation of being the go-to person on the subject.  This is a massive signal to employers and could lead to the interview that lands you an awesome new job.


Companies Can Benefit From Blogging.

For any business with an online presence, blogging is a must. Blogging lets companies inform their readers about the latest product they are producing or give insight to happy costumers who use a product of theirs. Showcasing a client’s story on the company blog can help to build trust with new prospects visiting the website. As a bonus, by featuring a costumer’s story, the customer will be more likely to recommend that company to potential clients.

Blogging lets companies share their opinion on the latest news in the industry. Blog posts on industry news can tell the reader about what the company is doing to stay on top or what they are looking to improve. The goal of any blog is to build trust with the reader and nurture that cold lead into a sale without ever sending them an email.

Becoming a trusted source does have its benefits. Take Issac Morehouse the Founder of Praxis for example. Through his blogs on how people new to the workforce need stronger signals to employers besides a college degree have led to Issac being interviewed multiple times on Fox News. Issac has built himself up as the go-to guy on college alternatives. As a result, he gets free T.V. advertising for his company Praxis.

“The Goal Of Blogging Is To Build Trust With The Readers.”

For anyone or any company looking to share their ideas, thoughts, or accomplishments. Start blogging! The rewards of becoming the trusted go-to person are too big to ignore.

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