This past week I took a short course on Conversational Sales provided by Drift, an online company that offers customers chatbot software to help guide users through a client’s sales funnel.

So What Is Conversational Sales?

Conversational Sales is the practice of putting the Buyer’s goals first and putting the company’s goals second. Let me explain.

Today’s Buyer has been well informed before talking with you, the Salesmen. Customers have more options available than ever before, and their expectations have never been higher. So what do you need to do to work with today’s Buyers? You need to be friendly, personable and ask questions about what they are looking to do. But most importantly, you need to be human!

The team at Drift are masters of Conversational Sales, and to help teach everyone how to become masters of Conversational Sales Drift created a free Certification Course, you can find it here.



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