Emotion, Logic, & Fear | Week 12

“There are three types of buyers and you must convince all three if you want to make a sale.” – Bryce Ward 7/16/2020

This week I have been digging into Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson and there was one topic that really grabbed my attention. The 3 Closes: Emotion, Logic, Fear. For every product that you want to sell there are three types of customers you need to create your message for in order to convert them.


Many people buy things based purely on emotion. They connect with the story and take action upon their emotions. For example, today I came across an offer for a dating program called Make Girls Chase You by Andrew Ryan. Andrew explains in his video his experience of feeling loneliness and how it seemed no women ever wanted him. That is until he found the secret that got women to chase him. From there he tells us how he turned his love life around and helped other men get women to come after them.

Success is an Emotion


Next there is the logical customer. One who does not let emotions get the better of themselves when it comes to their purchasing habits. I find myself in this category as I like to see a return on my investments when it comes to shopping. The best way to convince the logical customer to buy is to show him that what your offering is worth more than what your selling it for. In his video Andrew claims that the information in his program is worth $397 however he says that just for you he is willing to sell it to you for $37. Also he throws in several freebies to add more value to his offer.

Left and Right Brain Hemispheres Wallpaper | Brain art, Brain ...


The finial type of customers are the fearful buyers. They are afraid of missing out. To convince the fearful buyer you need to inform them that this amazing offer that you have for them is only open to them for a limited time. For example, in Andrew’s video after he tells you his offer for $37 for the program he informs you that you will only have 10 minutes to decide before he has to give his offer to someone else. And that if you were to come to his store tomorrow to buy the program for $37 you would see it for its full price at $397.

The Fear of Running Out of Time

Thank You!

Hey, thank you for reading this week’s post. I had fun examining Andrew’s offer and to tell you the truth I did end up buying his program! Now I am going find out how I can get women to chase after me! Woot! In the meantime why don’t you share what your doing in your business to sell your product? Or do you know of any great examples that use this tactic? Let me know in the comments I would to see more!

Thank you again for your time and for reading this post!

Have a fantastic day!


-Bryce Ward

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