Tiny House Hunt | Week 18

“Know your options before choosing the path before you.” – Bryce Ward 9/5/2020

Hey, everyone! This is technically a part two to my previous post on tiny houses so be sure to check out Week 13 before continuing. So, without any further delay let’s dig into this weeks topic.

Checking Out A Tiny House

This past week, my family and I made a short trip into Idaho to visit the owners of a tiny house project they had started and sadly, were unable to finish. The tiny house they showed us was unfinished. However, most of the hard parts were finished. For example the main foundational structure was set up along with the electrical and plumbing systems.

Basically the shell of the tiny house was in place and all I would have to do with my family’s help is put in the remaining pieces. For example heated flooring, stairs, shower, insulation, and other appliances would need to be installed.

Currently, the owners have put in around $16,000 into this tiny house and are hoping to get $20,000 for it. That, or at least break even on the project. My main concern with taking on this project is the time it would take for me to finish it. More than likely I would be able to have it livable in about a year or more. This is due to my busy schedule and only being able to work on the house during the weekends.

Next Steps

As for my next steps, I am going to do research into how much it would cost me to purchase a tiny house that is move-in ready or find someone to build a tiny house for me. My reasoning is I want to know what my options are. I would prefer something that I can invest my money into and have it ready within a year without having to take too much of my time. However, this could cost me more money in the short term since I would be buying a finished tiny house.

Thank You!

Hey, thank you for reading this week’s post. Have you ever looked into purchasing a tiny house? What route did you take? Let me know in the comments if you built your tiny house, purchased one already finished, or had it built for you.

Thank you again for your time and for reading this post!

Have a fantastic day!


-Bryce Ward

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