Think And Grow Rich | Week 28

“From Dreams comes Desire and from Desire comes Success.” – Bryce Ward 11/14/2020

For the past couple of months I have been reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. If you have yet to read Think and Grow Rich is a book originally published in 1937 reveling the secrets of accumulating wealth. Mr. Hill interviewed over 500 of the worlds most affluent men and women of his time including Andrew Carnegie. In his second chapter, Desire, Mr. Hill asks his readers what amount of money do they want to acquire and what they will trade for this wealth. Today I will set out to answer these questions.

What Amount Of Money Do You Desire?

In the next five years from today I want to have earned my first half a million. By the end of 2021 I will earn $50,000. From that first $50,000 I will seek to double that amount for the next five years until I have reached or exceeded half a million dollars.

What Will You Give In Return For This Money?

In return for my first half a million dollars I will offer two different services. The first will be the publication and sale of my own books inspired by the game Dungeons & Dragons. In 2021 I will publish and sale my first book. From that humble start I will expand the business to include other products that target the Dungeons & Dragons customer base. As for the second service I plan to secure the ownership of rental properties throughout the United States. My first property will be a duplex which I will seek to own by the end of 2023. By the end of 2021 I will have secured my own workspace in the form of a tiny house. From there I will be able to better focus my time and energy on providing these two services in exchange for my first half a million dollars.

Thank You!

Hey, thank you for reading this week’s post. I had a fun time thinking about what I want out of my future and planning on how I will achieve my goals. However I do have a question for you my dear reader. What amount of money do you want by the end of 2025? What will you do to acquire that amount? Let me know by putting your answers in the comments below!

Thank you again for your time and for reading this post!

Have a fantastic day!


-Bryce Ward

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