Intellifluence | Week 48

Start small projects and share them with the world, then you can start larger projects that pay.” – Bryce Ward 4/3/2021

This week, while cleaning out my junk mail emails and responding to inquiries about getting some business cards, I found an email with an exciting pitch. Joe Sinkwitz reached out to me through my BryceIsTubing channel and asked if I would be interested in joining his community of Influencers in helping businesses, both big and small, market their products. So let’s dig into Intellifluence and see what they are all about, shall we? 

For Influencers

For influencers like myself, Intellifluence allows us to connect with potential sponsors and get paid for marketing their products. For example, you can get paid for writing product reviews on your blog or Amazon. You can also find projects to test out the product and keep the product as payment. Just beware that you may have to put money down upfront for some projects to test out a physical product. However, brands must pay you back once you complete the job, so you don’t have to worry about losing any money in the process. 

For Brands

For brands, this opens up the opportunity to pitch your products to creators, both big and small. On Intellifluence, you can find influencers who run YouTube channels, write blogs, and post regularly on social media. Brands can reach out to specific influencers to help out with any marketing project. For example, you can find creators to test out a product and provide feedback, write reviews on their blogs or Amazon, and even video creators who can record a short product review to share with their audience. Just know that for brands, you do pay a subscription for connecting on Intellifluence, and you are expected to pay influencers for their work.

Thank You!

Hey, thank you for reading this week’s post! Overall, Intellifluence seems to have a fair system set up for connecting brands and influencers. I’m going to keep digging into Intellifluence and try reaching out to possible sponsors. Have you ever hired a content creator to promote your product or service? What was your experience? As a creator, have you ever worked with a brand, and how was the experience working with them? I would love to hear your stories down in the comments!

Thank you again for your time and for reading this post!

Have a fantastic day!


-Bryce Ward

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