Twitch Integration | Week 58

“A community that you interact with is a community that will last.” – Bryce Ward 6/12/2021

How can I create a more entertaining stream for my viewers on Twitch? This is a question that I often ask myself whenever I playback my streams and review how I was doing as a Streamer. I noticed that games that allowed Twitch viewers to interact and change the streamer’s game tend to have more viewers. Not only that, but those viewers chatted more and were more likely to purchase a subscription or donate to the channel than my non-interactive streams.

What To Look For In A Game?

When choosing a game to stream on Twitch, I have a few rules I follow. First off, is this a game I would enjoy playing or watch someone else play? For me, that means the game needs to have exciting or funny moments scattered throughout the streaming session. For example, one game I currently stream that fits this category is Subnautica Below Zero, with it’s occasional jump scares.

As for games that don’t usually have jump scares like 7 Days to Die, sizeable open-world survival games tend to be much more exciting once you allow Twitch chat to interreact with your world. When looking for a game that enables Twitch Integration, I recommend looking for a game that sets a goal for chat. For example, in 7 Days to Die, whenever chat interacts sends zombies after me, and I overcome the zombies, then a bounty is set on my head. Once my viewers defeat me, the viewer who gave the killing blow collects the reward—allowing them to spawn even tougher zombies or provide me with supplies to take on the next threat.

Thank You!

Hey, thank you for reading this week’s post! I hope you found this week’s post insightful on how I select the next game on my streaming list. Have you streamed on Twitch? What has been your experience? I would love to hear your stories in the comments below!

Thank you again for your time and for reading this post!

Have a fantastic day!


-Bryce Ward

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