The Spider’s Lair | Week 64

“Adventurers seek treasure and glory. What better place to look than the monster’s lair?” – Bryce Ward 7/24/2021

With our four heroes gathered, it is time to send them on their first mission. Their quest will take them across the land as they bring aid to Amberfall and thwart the Black Dragon’s invasion. For the first mission of this campaign, let’s assume with are starting with a party of four level 1 adventures. Seeing as the flow of supplies and communication is extremely important for the survival of a besieged city, let’s start there. A group of giant spiders has established a nest near one of the major trade routes. The spiders threaten to cut off the city from the outside world and must be removed if the city is to survive the siege. The party’s job is to find the nest, clear out the supplies, and recover any lost supplies.

The Broken Wagon

Once the party sets out from Amberfall, they will find themselves on a dark and heavily wooded trail. Upon the path, the party comes across one of the missing supply wagons. The wagon’s wheel is broken, and some of the crates inside have seen better days. However, the party must be careful before inspecting the wagon because they have just walked into an ambush. Three giant wolf spiders watch the party from above in the tree canopy. Each of the three spiders have lowered an almost invisible lure to catch unaware prey. Not only that, but two giant wolf spiders have burrowed into the road. An observant hero may notice two strange bulges in the dirt road and may choose to investigate. At which point, the two spiders will lunge out at their prey once the hero is within striking distance. If someone decides to inspect the wagon’s cargo and opens the crates, there is a chance the swarm of spiders eating the remaining rations in one of the crates will attack the hero. Once the spiders make their move and the party defeats the overgrown bugs, they can search the wagon in peace. As they investigate the crates, they find spoiled and half-eaten food. It would seem the wagon has been here for a few days. A close inspection reveals a smuggler’s cache hidden in the wagon. However, there are no signs of the owners nor the beast that pulled the wagon. The only clues lead towards an abandoned farm covered in the spider’s web.

Thank You!

Hey, thank you for reading this week’s post! This is just the first part of the quest, and I plan on talking about the other half next week as I still need to write out the rest of this mission. If you are a DND nerd like myself, what do you think of the campaign so far? I’m looking forward to finishing the campaign and sharing it with my DND group. Who knows, maybe I can turn this into another book!

Thank you again for your time and for reading this post!

Have a fantastic day!


-Bryce Ward

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