About Me

Welcome Friends! My name is Bryce, and it’s a pleasure to meet you!

I had a reasonably different childhood compared to my peers. For example, when I was 10, I was a child actor. Seriously! I got to be on the New Day Show in Tacoma, Washington as a Spring ware model, and I also starred in a movie called Matt’s Chance as the son of a mobster. For some reason, I tended to be in authority roles, and there was often a rabbit involved. Trust me. I often get suspicious anytime a rabbit somehow gets involved in my life.

After five years as a child actor, I left the acting industry to focus more on my education and involvement in the Boy Scouts of America. During my final years of high school, I had the opportunity to do Running Start, a program that allows high school students to go through college classes instead of high school classes. During my first two years of college, I finished up my Eagle Scout Project. My team of volunteers and I renovated our local community grange’s stable into a beautiful new venue for the community to enjoy for my project.

From there, I began to question what I was learning in school. Why am I here? Does any of this help me make money? During my Eagle Scout Project, I realized that I could organize a team and provide value to my neighbors. So what did I do? At 16, I started my first business, mowing yards, and maintaining my clients’ property. Within a year of founding the Yard Boys, I was in charge of more yards than I could handle independently. So I hired a small team to help me out. During my four years of running the Yards Boys, I learned that if you genuinely want to grow your business, you need to be respectful and reliable. The most common story I heard from my clients was that their previous yard guy was often rude and unreliable.

During those four years, I learned so much more from running my own business than sitting in a college classroom. I was much more attracted to running my business and earning money now than waiting around for the next four years and taking on debt to earn a degree that lets me make money later. Granted, I still had a lot to learn if I wanted to take my business to the next level. That’s why I joined Praxis.

At Praxis, I went through a six-month online Bootcamp. I learned how to publish my accomplishments online and pursue projects that would help me land my first real job with a startup. Building this website was one of my first projects, and from there, I challenged myself in ways college never did. I discovered my love for writing during my 30 Day Blog Challenge, where I wrote about anything I wanted for 30 days. I never considered writing as a passion until after this project. My time in school only allowed me to write in a specific way on a particular subject that killed any enjoyment for me in the task. Now I get to write about what interests me, and I can create stories that I hope to turn into a book soon.

Another fantastic project I took on during the Bootcamp was teaching myself video editing by setting up a YouTube channel. I created BryceIsTubing to learn how to edit videos and how to talk to myself about a topic. I wanted BryceIsTubing to be something fun that I looked forward to, and others could have a good laugh from my misadventures. That is why I chose to focus on my love for video games on my channel. I even took it a step further. Starting in 2019 for every December, I hosted a fundraiser called Streaming For Charity. For every year, I would fundraise on Twitch for organizations doing extraordinary work in the world. For the next three years, Streaming For Charity has raised over $600 for charitable causes worldwide.

After the Praxis Bootcamp, I was introduced to Dylan Higginbotham, the founder of Stupid Raisins, through the program. Dylan was impressed with the work I shared on my website, especially my YouTube channel BryceIsTubing. Dylan invited me to join the Stupid Raisins team as the Operations Deputy on my birthday, no less. Now I am learning everything about online business and building the systems that run them.

That brings us to today, where I am working on projects to help me reach my goal of being financially independent, and I am excited to share with you where my path takes me.

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