Hiking The Little Mashel Falls Trailhead

Every now and again, you need a chance to get away from it all. To enjoy the world around you and to hear nothing but the woods.

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Why Should You Blog?

When I first started up this blog I had only one intention behind it. To improve my written communication through regularly uploaded posts onto my website. However, practicing one’s writing is not the only perk of blogging. Read More

The Online Job Hunt

Last week I made a post on how to figure out which industry you should focus a career on. But now what? Most likely you do not live within driving distance of your favorite companies, so it is time to start looking online for job openings. Read More

What Is The Right Job For You?

As kids, we are all asked the question “What are you going to be when you grow up?” Just like other kids, my answers changed as I got older. “I wanna be a Fireman! I wanna be an Actor!”  Read More

Five Common Fallacies

Today in my video I went over five different fallacies people use in arguments. 

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