Praxis Alumni | Week 25

“Challenge what you know. It will help you to refine your dreams and turn them into reality.” – Bryce Ward 10/24/2020

First Time Fiverr | Week 24

“Always thank those who lend you a hand. You never know if you’ll need their help again.” – Bryce Ward 10/16/2020

Designing A Brand | Week 23

“Your brand is a business card. For every card you give out, more work will come to you.” – Bryce Ward 10/9/2020

Planning A Podcast | Week 22

“With the goal in mind, you must find what tools will be needed and which steps must be taken to reach that goal.” – Bryce Ward 10/2/2020

Giving Back | Week 21

“Taking a step up is a way to improve oneself, but giving a hand to those below, you will help you raise even higher.” – Bryce Ward 9/25/2020