The End Of 2020 | Week 35

“Reflect on your past. Be proud of what you accomplished and learn from your mistakes“ – Bryce Ward 1/2/2021

The CEO | Week 34

“End the day on a good note; that way, you can begin tomorrow’s challenges with enthusiasm.” – Bryce Ward 12/26/2020

The Advisor | Week 33

“At the end of the day, you must choose to learn.” – Bryce Ward 12/19/2020

The Actor & The Salesmen | Week 32

“Talk to those who are on a similar path as your own. Who knows, maybe you will learn something.” – Bryce Ward 12/12/2020

Stick It To The Man | Week 31

“It was a normal game during this year’s charity stream until Ray got hit on the head.” – Bryce Ward 12/5/2020