The End Of 2020 | Week 35

“Reflect on your past. Be proud of what you accomplished and learn from your mistakes“ – Bryce Ward 1/2/2021

Launching Slice Pop | Week 19

“The first step is always the hardest, but everything starts improving once you take that step.“– Bryce Ward 9/11/2020

Moving Forward | Week 13

“Reviewing the past and admitting one’s mistakes can pave the way for a better future.” – Bryce Ward 7/24/2020

Dotcom Secrets | Week 8

“Reading books from those who have done it all can help you avoid the mistakes they made when they were just starting out.”

Week 1 & 2 With Stupid Raisins

  Bryce, I am going to make your day even better. How would you like to work for me at Stupid Raisins?