Hello There!

My Name Is Bryce. Pleasure To Meet You! Welcome to my side of the internet. This blog is where I showcase all of the projects I am working on.

Are You For Hire?

Indeed I am! Are you looking to hire a new Digital Marketing Specialist or Video Editor for your company? Then check out my Notion portfolio! You’ll find all of the projects and the companies I worked for there. I am also available to do freelance projects. Besides working on websites, I can bring your imagination to life through my writing or through my art. Let me know if you have a project you need help with or have a commission in mind and I would be happy to connect!

Where To Begin?

This blog is basically my life’s journal, hence the name, where I share with the world what projects I am working on and the process I take to learn. Start here if you want an idea of what I am currently focusing on.

About Me

I have had a pretty interesting life so far. I started a business at sixteen, starred in a movie called Matt’s Chance, became a Praxis Alumni, and earned the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. I also worked for a company called Stupid Raisins as their Brand Operations Manager! You can hear more about my life’s story here.