This month I am focusing on learning how SEO operates and putting it to work on my small Youtube channel BryceIsTubing.


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is the practice of increasing the traffic of visitors to a website by improving the visibility of the site.

For example, when a user searches for something on Google lets say “world-famous pizza.” Google is going to put what it thinks is the best website for “world-famous pizza” near the top of its list. A website that is at the top of a search result will have more people visiting that site than a website on the next page. The same goes for YouTube.

The goal of SEO is to bring your website or channel to the top of that list. This way, more users will see and visit your site.


Finding The Keywords

Recently I have discovered a handly Google plugin called Tube Buddy. Now what Tube Buddy does is it lets us take a look at the data behind other creator’s videos. This includes keywords used by a creator and how often they are searched.


However, Youtube is a bit smarter today than when they first launched and just typing in keywords on the video tags won’t push your video to the top. YouTube also looks to see if you are saying those keywords.

Here is an example. In my first video for my series of the game South Park The Stick of Truth. I make sure to introduce myself and what game I am playing. For my tags so far, I can use “BryceIsTubing” and “South Park The Stick of Truth.” Make sure to include the title of your video in the tags. That way if someone is looking for your video, they can find it easily.

When it comes to creating a title for the video. Choose a line that is said during the video a few times. For me, I found a funny moment in my South Park video and used the line Thy Name Is for the title.

Here is the short clip that inspired my main title.

You can find the full video here.

Now if your a gaming channel like myself then after your main title you will want to include the title of the game. For a video series use a part # or ep. # at the end of the title. Below is the title that I used for my first South Park video.

Thy Name Is… |South Park The Stick of Truth – Part 1


Until Next Time

I hope you found this first tidbit helpful. I will be sure to prepare an update next week and share more of what I learn about SEO! In the meantime, comment down below what you are doing to improve your SEO for your website or channel!




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