100 Posts Later | Week 50

“Doesn’t matter if improvements are big or small just be consistent.” – Bryce Ward 4/15/2021

100 posts. Can you believe that? Over three years ago, I started blogging, and in the past year alone, I have written 50 posts. Fifty weeks of my life are recorded on this website. My thoughts, opinions, ideas, and questions are all here.

Why Do I Blog?

I guess in the short answer; I blog to keep myself sane. Every week I get the opportunity to prove to myself that I am making progress in my life. Whether it’s learning a new skill or discussing my experience house hunting, it’s one small step at a time for me. I don’t want to be making leaps in my life only to find myself over a cliff. No, I think slow, consistent progress works best for me.

Beyond recording my progress to keep myself sane, blogging has been very beneficial in my life. I have been about to use this website to share with clients and employers proof of my abilities, from weekly writings to learning video editing for YouTube. That was one reason I got my job with Stupid Raisins, and I suspect this blog will help me land future opportunities. Plus, my blog gives a strong impression of who I am and how I see the world. I know my girlfriend read a few of my posts to make sure she wasn’t dating a crazy person.

When it comes to the long run writing a blog has become much cheaper than pursuing a college degree. I have even cut out much of the filler writing that the school taught me to make a five-page report.

Overall, blogging has been a big win for me, and I hope to continue improving.

Thank You!

Hey, thank you for reading this week’s post! I’m real proud of myself for reaching 100 posts and consistently writing for 50 weeks. Have you completed a blog challenge to write consistently before?

Thank you again for your time and for reading this post!

Have a fantastic day!


-Bryce Ward

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