Streaming For Charity 2021

Hello, again, my friends! It’s that time of the year again! Time to do some fundraising for a good cause, and for 2021 we will be aiming to raise $200 to go towards the St Judes Research Hospital.

Every weekend I’ll be streaming live on Twitch, talking with guests on the Tubing Podcast, challenging the lads in Minecraft, and jumping around puzzles in a couple of platform games.


To start off the month, I’ll be streaming a puzzle platformer called Never Alone on Saturday the 4th at 8 am PST.

Returning guest Nicholas Rundlett, founder of the Mastermind Army, will join us on the Tubing Podcast on Sunday the 5th at 4 pm PST.

Sunday morning, we will continue the fun by challenging my friends with a Race To The End in Minecraft. The first one to defeat the Ender Dragon wins, and the losers must donate $5 to this year’s fundraiser! The battle begins at 8 am PST on the 5th!

On Saturday the 11th, the platforming must go on! Either I will be finishing up Never Alone or starting up a new puzzle game called The Fall.

Sunday the 12th, there will be one more round with the lads in a Race To The End in Minecraft. The race starts at 8 am PST!

On Saturday the 18th, I’ll keep running in The Fall, and the show starts at 8 am PST.

A new guest will be joining us on Saturday the 18th on the Tubing Podcast. The founder of Stupid Raisins will be coming to share his story of building a start-up from the ground up. You can catch the podcast live at 5 pm PST.

Sunday the 19th will be your last chance to donate to the fundraiser and will be the last stream for 2021! The lads and I will be relaxing playing whatever game picks our fancy that morning. 7 Days To Die, anyone? You can catch the stream at 8 am PST.

See You There!

Let’s end 2021 on a good note! I’ll see you on Twitch!


The 2021 Streaming For Charity fundraiser goes from December 1 until the 22. All donations will go to the St Judes Research Hospital, and if you would like to donate, you can do that here or by clicking the below image.

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